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Quality is paramount for people looking to create custom shirts. At Custom Shirts by JB Promo, you’ll find high-quality garments at prices that are significantly lower than other custom clothing stores. We use the best ink color, materials, and machines to ensure that every shirt we produce is as good as it gets. 

We offer a full range of sizes and styles, and we can customize them with your logo or slogan, so everyone will know where the great personalized work shirts came from. Our printing process will also yield an impeccable finish with durable inks that will last for years without fading or cracking when exposed to repeat washings or dry cleaning.

Create and order Custom Logo Work Shirts

Do you want to order a company work shirt with your name and the logo of your company on it? Our online tool makes it easy to choose the shirt’s colour and pattern, style, and sizes for your order. After selecting the options you have in mind, our online design tool allows you to create uniform shirts with a company logo so that your employees represent the brand at every job. We will create a fantastic logo for custom workwear that fits your company’s style and needs. 

Select a product & start designing today

Show the world how much you’re worth with our high-quality custom logo shorts and much more! Select the desired team uniform on our website, add your company name, slogan, or any type of artwork in the best digital printing processes to make this something no one can refuse. 

Rush Delivery 

We make all the workwear here in Canada! Canadian manufacturers allow us to customize clothing, giving us unrivalled flexibility when creating the perfect personalized work shirts.

Our Guarantee 

We guarantee that our customer service will be outstanding. If you are not 100% satisfied with your garment, we will replace or refund it! 

Why Chose Us 

Our custom logo workwear is well made, durable and comfortable. It’s made precisely to your specifications, with high-quality fabrics. We have a wide range of colours and materials to choose from.

Custom Work Shirts FAQ

The cost will be dependent on the brand, the shirt style, and the size option. On every product, the price is written below photos., and they will vary depending on how many pieces someone buys. The bigger your order, the less you spend on a shirt. We offer bulk discounts on personalized shirts, and all other products from our website.

The optimal selection will depend on the degree of safety and design that your industry necessitates. A company with heavy machinery may require an extra heavy shirt with extended sleeves for protection. A company with a lot of lifting will need personalized work shirts with short sleeves for ease of movement. Outdoors crews, road crews, chefs, firefighters and security guards will find the perfect work apparel in our huge selection at the best prices in Canada!

Office cotton work shirts for men and women are your best choice to make all your employees comfortable in the workplace. However, if you want your company to shine extra bright, you should seek custom logo work shirts. These garments are the best way to show your company's uniqueness and sophistication. With such a vast selection of design options and styles, picking one is easier than ever. We make sure that work clothes are also stylish and wear-resistant.

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